nanyang coffee

Developed over months of R&D, Toast Box’s signature Nanyang coffee is our proprietary blend of Arabica, Robusta and Liberica beans. Brewed the traditional way using a cloth coffee sock, the Kopi Master displays his skills by pulling the coffee from a long spouted pot. A little water is added to dilute it before condensed milk, evaporated milk or sugar is added to serve.

see how our coffee is made
  • Traditional
    kaya toast

    Scrumptiously crusty outside and heavenly soft and fluffy inside, each slice is generously spread with kaya – a sweet coconut-based jam – and butter for an unforgettable taste sensation.

  • Peanut Butter Thick Toast

    One of our favourites! Chomp into thick toast and our creamy signature Peanut Butter that will keep you wanting more.

  • Cheesy Ham
    & Egg Thick Toast

    Savour ham and egg layered atop freshly toasted bread,
    finished with a layer of melted cheese. This is simply too delectable to miss!

  • curry chicken
    with rice

    An all-time favourite among our loyal customers – a flavourful bowl of curry with chicken mid-wings, potatoes and fried beancurd puffs. Served with fragrant white rice.

  • laksa

    Our secret recipe – Mee Tai Bak cooked in a rich coconut-based broth, topped with fried beancurd puffs, fish cake and shrimps. Simply irresistible!

  • Mee Rebus

    Indulge in a plate of firm and chewy noodles served in our tangy rich gravy, topped with fried beancurd puffs, bean sprouts and sliced hardboiled eggs.

  • Mee Siam

    An unforgettable savoury combination of tamarind gravy over white rice vermicelli, topped with fish cake, prawns and sliced hardboiled eggs.

  • Hainanese Kaya

    Nothing beats the simple joy of Kaya Toast and Kopi for breakfast. Get a jar of our secret recipe honey-flavoured Hainanese Kaya to enjoy the same experience at home.

  • Peanut Butter

    If you love the delicious spread of Peanut Butter on your Thick Toast, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s also available for you to take home!

  • 2 in 1 Kopi-O/Kopi

    Wake up to a cup of aromatic Nanyang Coffee that you can easily brew yourself.

  • Nanyang
    Coffee Powder
    & Coffee Brew

    Enjoy a cup of Nanyang Coffee in the comfort of your home with our Coffee Powder and Coffee Brew. It’s as good as what we serve in our stores!
    How to: 3 simple steps